Motivational Story of a Tree: I am happy that I am still of some use even when I am dying

Motivational Story of a Tree I am happy that I still of some use even when I am dying
Representational Picture

There was an old tree in a village.

This tree was more than 100 years old.

People used to sit under the tree to relax.

Women of the village used to worship the tree.

Kids would play around the tree and enjoy.

One fine day branches of the tree started falling.

It looked like if the tree will not be the same like before.

People decided to cut the tree to build houses.

Tree was happy with all this.

When people came with saw to cut the tree, a person asked the tree “aren’t you afraid that we are going to cut you?”

The tree replied “My son, I am happy that when I was alive I was helpful for people. And when I am dying still I am of some help for the people. This is why I am happy and not afraid”.

Moral of the Story: Help other no matter what. It will give you inner peace.

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