Mr Rajesh Bhat a man who transformed lives of many rural people

People living in the cities mostly do not know about the life of people in villages. It is said that life in the remote villages are very tough when compared to the city life. One Mr Rajesh Bhat had different thoughts about the remote villages and established a firm that had brought changes in the lives of many people in these rural villages.
His firm named ‘’Head Held High’’ has been doing many things for empowering rural India. It must be noted that this Rajesh Bhat was from a remote village in Sirsi, Karnataka. His school days in Shri Bhuvaneswara College in Karkarla had given him some idea about rural places. He went to the famous SJCE, Mysore and completed his engineering.
His initial stages of his engineering studies were tough as he did not have proper English background. He job at OnMobile firm was really great for him as he had superb manager there who supported him well. Apart from this his CTO in that firm gave him encouragement and confidence to launch an organization on his own.
Teaming up with Mr Sunil and Mr Madhan he went on to train 8 illiterate youths of remote villages of Karnataka. As per him sustaining passion is very important. Passion must be converted to ideas and put into use for the benefit of the people.
The training models developed by him and his team have been providing superb help for the people in rural places in making them live with great self respect. Lots of job opportunities were provided to these people.
It must be noted that their association with Samuha had brought amazing results and helped in designing standard. It was said that awards that came did not change the lives of the team members but played role in the credibility of the organization.
Mr Rajesh is of the view that a balance must be there between passion, idea, needs, goals etc. He also says that rural India is awesome and many opportunities exist there. He also expects India to become a super power in the future. Wishing his dream come true!! Great Rajesh Bhat!!
Mr Rajesh Bhat: Linkedin

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