MTV Star Nicole Byer – Power of Positive Attitude


It is not about what you are. It is not about what you have. It is totally about the attitude. Positive attitude washes away all the negative things in and around us. The positive attitude has got the strong ability to change your life.

Here is the beautiful living example for positive attitude.

Nicole Byer is a comedian cum writer. She appears in the scripted comedy based on her life – ‘Loosely Exactly Nicole’. Her other works are ‘Party Over Here’, ‘Girl Code’, ‘Upright Citizens Brigade’, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, For-Profit Online University and Pursuit of Sexiness.

“I shouldn’t have a show, on paper. A fat black lady who just f—s people left and right on her show, and we never talk about how she’s fat and black? That’s crazy!” Byer tells the Hollywood reporter about her new MTV series with a laugh.

Here are some of her statements showing strong attitude:

“Oh, Nicole, don’t say that about yourself! Every body is a beautiful body!” That’s a very nice thing for you to shout at me, but I already know that. I love who I am right now.

“Nicole, shouldn’t the best person get the job, regardless of race or gender?” Yeah, they should, but in this business, “best” is subjective, and people tend to like what they know. And more times than not, it’s a bunch of old white men making the decisions.”

Byer may have been uncertain about her performance on the show, but spectators did not get the full essence of her effort, relatable stories and advice for women. MTV is offering more unscripted opportunities for Byer as a result of her growing victory. However, Byer is eager to break into scripted TV.

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