Mumbai’s first garden under flyover is just amazing

Mumbai’s first garden under flyover is just amazing
Pic: IndiaTimes

Mumbai city known for its famous places and personalities is spoken highly for one latest addition now. This Mumbai has now got an under flyover garden and it is simply superb. Located under the Tulpule flyover on the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar road this under flyover garden is awesome and draws many people with its pristine beauty.

This under garden flyover became reality because of the efforts taken by the residents under ‘’One Matunga’’ group. It is confirmed that these people crowd funded the money for sweepers, security etc so that it would not become a dumping ground like in other places. Matunga based activist Nikhil Desai shared his thoughts about this superb under flyover garden and said the residents informed regarding the encroachers and the issue was taken to F/N ward and requested them to barricade the entire stretch. One interesting piece of news that would surprise many is this stretch which was occupied by hawkers, gamblers, drug addicts etc has now become a place for kids to play and enjoy. It must be noted this place now helps people to catch up with their friends also.

It is said that the project cost Rs 5 crores and the garden boasts of 300 lights and 11 CCTV cameras to provide safety to the people. This garden under flyover is attracting many people now and is great.

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