Music has powers to make the people of India and Pakistan unite says Sharmeen Obaid

Sharmeen Obaid of Paksitan has been the centre of attraction these days. This film maker project ‘’Song of Lahore’’ is talked greatly where few musicians go from Lahore to USA to perform at the famous Lincoln Centre.

Music has powers to make the people of India and Pakistan unite says Sharmeen Obaid

This documentary film was screened in few theatres on 20th of May 2016 and was highly appreciated for its content. This Sharmeen is of the opinion that art, culture, music, films do not have any barriers and they are all linked to humanity in one way or the other.

It must be noted that Sharmeen Obaid was Academy Award winner twice for her great contributions. She says that cultural exchanges around music could help the countries like India and Pakistan unite greatly. When questioned regarding her role as a film maker Sharmeen responded by saying that she always took her films across the border to India and supported artists from India to work in Pakistan. It must be noted that in this film common cultural heritage of India and Pakistan would be seen.

Inspired by grandfathers stories this Sharmeen has made this documentary film’’ Song of Lahore’’ along with another person named Andy Schocken. She also expressed her thoughts regarding this documentary film and she said she was only woman worked with all male community and that was a big issue. She signed off saying music lessons were passed from father to son and they must be preserved. Superb Sharmeen!!

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