Music works like a medicine: Motivational lessons to learn from Quotes on Music

Music works like a medicine Motivational lessons to learn from Quotes on Music

When we listen to music we don’t feel any pain. It touches our heart and soul.

Music connects us to the universe. Music has no law no boundary.

Music says something which we can’t say in words. No one minds when music is played.

Someone rightly said that “Where words fail, music speaks.”

Music has power to change people and thus changing the world.

Music is food for thought. More you eat more you enjoy.

Some people are born with music inside them. Some discover it with time. And some doesn’t get to know its value till their last moment in life.

Music is truthful. It doesn’t lie. It is free to all. It is for generation.

Universe understands human pain through music. It is the human soul.

Music is an art. It has an emotional connect. It can bring happiness or tears in anyone’s eyes.

Music has the best healing power in the world. It rejuvenates all our body parts.

Music respects all cultures. Music respects all religions. Music doesn’t discriminate between rich and poor, man or a woman.

Music stars when all our words are consumed. Life will have no charm without music.

Someone rightly said that “Music is the soundtrack of your life. Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.”

Music has variety but the message is one that is unity and peace. Music becomes a conduit between good and bad. Music is spiritual.

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