Myles Sketchley- This 17 year old boy is now awarded for his grit in tackling many of his health issues and is inspiring many


It is very rare to find people cheerful and courageous having health issues. Here a boy is having multiple health issues and is inspiring and helping others now. Unbelievable isn’t it!!

Myles Sketchley is a 17 year old boy and has cerebral palsy. Apart from this he is also having issues like schizencephaly which is a rare form of brain disorder plus other respiratory and heart based issues. The superb news about him is he has won the ‘’Inspirational Young Person’’ in the WellChild Awards.

It is important to note that this award is given to those children who have shown great courage and determination in coping with serious health issues and those professionals who have contributed in the welfare of sick kids and their families. This award is given by WellChild trust that manages ill children.

It is now brought out that Myles Sketchley did great job as an ambassador for the Strongbones Children’s Charity. His efforts in making other special kids to engage with the world have been appreciated by many and hence he was given this award. It is awesome to note that Myles Sketchley though not healthy is doing a marvellous job and is responsible for many blogs and vlogs on fun etc.

April Fitzmaurice of WellChild trust was all praise for this 17 year old teen that is inspiring many now and the cheerful plus giving nature of this kid has caught many by surprise. He was also praised by Linda Patridge who is WellChild director of programmes. Great Myles Sketchley!!

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