Nando Parrado’s and his teams deathly encounter with snow capped Mountains of Andes

Nando Parrado's and his teams deathly encounter with snow capped Mountains of Andes

On Oct 13th 1972 ,flying over the mountains ,Nando ,his family and other passengers met with an accident when their plane crashed.The accident took away lives of 13 people,including his family and 32 were severely injured. The other survivors were stranded on a lifeless glacier at -37C temp with limited food supplies . There was no means of asking for help. They had formed a team and struggled together the freezing temperatures, deadly avalanches. However their hopes fell off when they heard that  the search for them had been called off.

Nando Parrado took the lead and with other friends decided to brave the snowy mountains .They trekked the mountains ,exhausted and starved for 10 days where finally they met a Chilean farmer who called the police for help.Parrado guided the rescue team via a helicopter to the crash site.

Finally after 72 dreadful days, the world traced these 16 survivors in the mountains of Andes. 8 people had lost their lives  when an avalanche hit them as they slept. Nando Parrado, the leader of this survival mission is now a motivational speaker and author of famous book “Miracle in the Andes”.

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