NanoMADS: 3 Youngsters’s road trip to cover 13 countries and 18,000 km

NanoMADS 3 Youngsters's road trip to cover 13 countries and 18,000 km

This year’s Mongo Rally, a road trip covering 13 countries and 18000 kms has something unique .Yes a team of three avid travellers, Sunaina Pumudurthy, 23, Bhairav Kuttaiah, 26, and Binoy John, 25, will be covering this distance in their Nano. Sunaina Pumudurthy is responsible for sponsorships and coordination on various fronts. Bhairav Kuttaiah is the lawyer and Binoy John , the Iron Man of the trio team is a technical expertise.

Starting from London and they will travel to Ulan Ude in outer Mongolia, Russia, The rally has to be completed in 2 months -the rules being to drive a small vehicle; to complete the rally without backup support; and to raise money for charity.

Their training involved building stamina and mental endurance through the CrossFit program.Get their bodies equipped to sit in a car for 10-12 hours every day. Their car went through modification where fabricated steel protection plates, or sump guards, were added to the engine and fuel tanks to manage the terrain.They  hope to raise Rs 6.6 crore through this rally, through corporate sponsorships, their crowd-funding web page and social media campaigns.

The NanoMADS have teamed up with Make A Difference (MAD), a non profit organisation that works with children in orphanages and street shelters.

All the best  NanoMADS !

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