Nargis Latif has the mission of keeping Karachi Clean !

Nargis Latif has the mission of keeping Karachi Clean !

Nargis Latif is the saviour for Karachi.Yes she has a unique mission in her life and that is to recycle and reuse industrial waste of Karachi.She has the novel idea to create homes and furniture out of Karachi’s garbage — Total Genuis !

Her project is called Gul Bahao .This project looks at transforming plastic materials rejected by factories into bricks and then further on it is used to make low-cost shelters, furniture and pretty much everything else. The project thus not only aims at clearing up garbage, but also at reducing its output and preventing  it from polluting the atmosphere.The common practice there is to burn garbage.There are about 5,000 odd factories in Pakistan that produce tons and tons of waste material every single day.She takes  their unused,rejected and ultimately clean waste and puts it into right use.

Latif believes that Karachi has to be clean always.Since her childhood days she wanted to become a scientist and always dreamt about doing something that will help the mankind.

Thus with a mind for research and innovation, she make up with her idea.

She has spent nearly 2 decades trying to run the project and come with new concepts, new ideas, and new products.She had to look for funds to run the project and its research and the journey has not been easy.She had to beg and borrow funds too.At times she has borrowed from moneylenders at superlative rates. However she is excited since the results have been fantastic and her recycling system has been successful.

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