NASA loves teenager’s idea on where to land next Mars Rovers

NASA loves teenager's idea on where to land next Mars Rovers

The US Space agency has been looking for a landing site for its next rover Mars mission to be accomplished by 2020. Among several recommendations that the space agency has received, it has approved a suggestion proposed by a teenager who is said to be in his High school.

Relying on the, the student who proposed the idea is Alex Longo and is from Raleigh in the North Carolina state. Longo suggested as per his idea that the best place NASA can chose for their mission of landing the next rover is the same place where they earlier in 2004 had landed rover spirit- on Gusev Crater.

Longo was just five years old when back in 2005, he encountered his first experience with science exploration and from onwards there, Longo had in his mind to go into space someday as well as he desires to first person to walk on Mars and from there, Longo started following NASA missions on the agency website and in 2014, he came across an announcement about the next rover mission to Mars.

“I saw that they were looking for abstracts from scientists to suggest landing sites. I decided, well, I’ll write something up,” he was quoted as saying.

For the mission, Longo proposed the idea in a multi-page scientific document to which NASA apparently agreed and he was sent an invitation through e-mail to attend the first landing site planning meeting.

On call from NASA, Longo said, “I thought it was a dream or something. So I just got up, walked away and a while later I came back and that email was still there. And I was like, ‘Wow, I actually just got invited to go to a NASA conference!’

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