Naseeruddin Shah & the interesting tradition of Raksha Bandhan at Supriya Pathak’s house!


Among the Hindu festivals of India , Rakshabandhan is a festival that celebrates the loving bond between a brother and a sister.

Check out how this interesting tradition is celebrated at Supriya Pathak’s house.

Supriya and Ratna have a cousin brother Sanjeev to whom they tie rakhi at their mami house as a ritual.At one of such occasion when Ratna had got married recently and it was her first Rakshabandhan after marriage. Both Ratna and Naseeruddin Shah had come for the occasion to their mami’s house. Supriya asked Naseer why he wasn’t wearing a rakhi,to which Naseer had replied that there is no one who ties him one.So Supriya then unmarried decided and instantly tied rakhi to Naseer, her brother in law.She has kept the tradition alive till date.Either they come to their mami’s house or Supriya herself goes and ties rakhi at Naseer’s place.

During her wedding later, when her cousin brother was unable to attend, Naseer did Kanyadaan for Supriya. Supriya was overwhelmed since it was a very beautiful moment for her that Ratna and Naseer did it. All the wedding rituals that a brother had to do were done by Naseer. It made her feel very special.She feels a great bond and a connection with both Ratna and Naseer. They have a very strong relationship since they have always been around for her like a family and she loves it equally .Not to mention the earnings she gets during the Rakshabandhan festival !

She loves this festival and feels that the brother sister love is still on because of this ritual.She feels that the sibling relationship is stronger relationship which will last longer than all the other relationships.She wants her brothers to be content and happy in their lives

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