Navya Network- This online consultation platform for cancer patients is awesome

Navya Network- This online consultation platform for cancer patients is awesome
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This firm started by Gitika Srivsatava has a touching background. Her own relative suffered from cancer and there were many doubts regarding whether for that cancer chemotherapy must be started or not or whether that relative must be taken to Mumbai to get the advises of expert oncologists etc.

This inspired Gitika to start a firm that would give great solutions to many cancer affected patients and hence was born Navya Network. It is now said that this online consultation platform for cancer patients is doing well. It provides solutions for the cancer patients as opinions from the top oncologists from the famous Tata Medical Centre, TMC at nominal fees are now possible. This 41 year old Gitika who often shuttles between Mumbai and Boston for her work was warned initially by many that people won’t pay consultation fess over the internet. Gitika went with her plans and her efforts are now appreciated by many.

It must be noted that Gitika joined hands with her friend named Dr Naresh Ramajan in launching this online consultation platform. It is interesting to note that year 2015 started Navya Network uses clinical data to zero on the treatment of the patients and many wasteful trips were cut down.

It is said that Rs 5000 for consultation is boon for the patients. It is now confirmed that around 6000 patients got benefited by this Navya Network and it is said that the cost of consultation would be reduced in the future for the benefit of the cancer patients. Superb!!

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