Nayanmoni Bezbaruah, Mother Outperforms Son in Class XII Examination

Ankur and Nayanmoni Bezbaruah (Picture Source: Hindustan Times)
Ankur and Nayanmoni Bezbaruah (Picture Source: Hindustan Times)

You will be surprised to know that Nayanmoni Bezbaruah, 37 years old from Assam’s Dibrugarh district has scored 69.8% marks in her Class XII exams. One more surprise is that she outperformed her 18 year son Ankur in same exams.

Nayanmoni is mother of 4 kids. Her husband if vegetable seller. The family hails from Moran, some 400km east of Guwahati, in Dibrugarh district.

Nayanmoni Bezbaruah is little unhappy as her son could not do well in the 12th class exams. Ankur passed in 3rd division in class XII. During the 10th class exams, both Mother and Son had secured 2nd division.

“My efforts have borne fruit, but I would have enjoyed my result more had my son done better. He has to have a career that can lift us from poverty,” Bezbaruah said as reported in Media reports.

Sontora Gogoi, the principal of Khowang Pithubor Girls’ HS School that the mother passed out from, puts it down to dedication and drive.  “The son lacked the motivation of the mother, who slogged more at home and in school to become an inspiration for women who have to abandon studies to raise families,” Gogoi told HT.

Nayanmoni wants to pursue her higher studies in Assamese. “Assamese is my favourite subject. I want to excel in it,” she said. “We are all sure that fortunes will smile on us one day through her,” Ankur said as reported in The Indian Express.

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