Neeta Deswal- To pay tribute to her martyred husband she would join Army now

Neeta Deswal- To pay tribute to her martyred husband she would join Army now
Pic: Facebook

It is known that Major Amit Deswal was martyred in a counter insurgency operation in Manipur few months back. The latest news that could surprise many is his wife Neeta Deswal of age 33 is now preparing for an interview with Indian Army Service Selection Board, SSB so that she could join Officers Training Academy, OTA in Chennai.
It is now clear that Neeta and her three year old son were taken care by the India Army well. This was the reason for her choosing to join Army though the government of Haryana promised her to provide job when her loving husband died.

According to Neeta Deswal in the initial stages after the death of her husband she did not know what to do next and how to proceed in her life but the Army had taken care of her and her kid well. To pay tribute to her husband she has decided to join Army now. It must be noted that Major Amit Deswal as part of Operation Hifazat was posted in Manipur and on the 14th of April he lost his life while gun fighting with the militants. It is said that there is no official word regarding whether Neeta would appear before SSB this year. Subedar Rishi Ram father of Major Amit expressed his thoughts regarding this issue and said Neeta’s case was put up with the help of commanding officer of 21 Para to the defence authorities concerned.

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