New Toilet Cafe in Indonesia will make you cry and laugh at same time

New Toilet Cafe in Indonesia will make you cry and laugh at same time
Pic: Jamban Cafe/Facebook

A one of a bizarre adventure ,check out how does it feel to eat from toilet bowls !! At Jamban Cafe in Indonesia , the guests sit on the toilet seats around the table and order “bakso” – a traditional Indonesian meatballs that floats in soup-filled latrines and is served with brightly coloured, alcohol-free cocktails.

The food and everything in the cafe is carefully sanitized and is hygienic.The cafe opened in April .Only small groups are welcomed with advance booking.

Similar themed restaurants are present in Russia and Taiwan too.However  this Indonesian cafe is different since it has a  social message behind it. Owner Budi Laksono is a public health expert who used to work for the local government aims at educating people about sanitation and encourage the people to use toilets.It is world’s number one in highest rates of open defecation – as millions of people live below poverty line.There is an increasing the risk of spreading diseases. The cafe was constructed and maintained with a joint funding from donors like doctors and public companies who advocate for public sanitation.

Though it is an unique and educative approach ,however it has failed to impress the clerics of the muslim populated country as they feel it is inappropriate and is against Islamic law.

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