Newslaundry Video: Ranga Uncle’s Nichod on Newspapers, News and Ads

Newslaundry Video Ranga Uncle’s Nichod on Newspapers, News and Ads

Newslaundry is a web news channel which is known for it’s daring and brave kind of journalism. They always produce something “Hat Ke”. People really love watching interviews done by Madhu Trehan and team who most of the times ask tough questions. By the way, this is our view, if you have another, please do share.

A video uploaded by them on YouTube, titled as “Ranga Uncle’s Nichod” is making news now days. In this video, you will see that “Ranga Uncle” is taking on Times of India for the advertisement they place in their newspaper. He has spoken about cost and other things. Few things which he has spoken, really require daring to speak. Watch this video and do share your views on this.


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