Nine year old Zianna Oliphant ‘s small talk created an emotional moment for the protestors at the Charlotte’s first city council meeting .


Nine year old Zianna Oliphant ‘s small talk created an emotional moment  for all the peaceful protesters that had assembled in Charlotte’s first city council meeting .This was first time ever since the cop shooting of 43 year old Keith Lamont Scott ,an African-American.There were  over 50 people who spoke against police violence. Charlotte is North Carolina’s most populous city.

Zianna Oliphant, a small girl with braids had tears rolling down her face when she spoke how much stress and pain  the police shootings and violence brings on children and the black community who suffered during Scott’s death last week.She also mentioned about how tough it is for kids to face their parents death.Scott has 7 children.

She spoke on the emotional turmoil on kids and tears when they have to go to graveyard and bury their parents.She feels its shameful that parents get killed.She added that all kids need their parents by their side.She commented that she doesnt like the way she and the people are being treated.Her speech has earned widespeard praise on the social media.

The protestors in the room chanted “no justice, no peace” after she spoke.

Protests in Charlotte increased after news of Scott’s shooting broke last Tuesday. The police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators. Some people threw bottles and rocks at officers and cars passing by, they blocked an interstate highway, surrounded and jumped on vehicles, looted businesses.They also stormed the entrance of a Hyatt hotel, thereby injuring two of its employees.

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