No Po Po Reward Program if You Honk Less

No Po Po Reward Program if You Honk Less

Noise pollution is one of the major types of pollution that affects the population all over the world. It is now confirmed that this noise pollution could also lead to increased coronary artery diseases and cardio vascular issues in humans. It must be noted that the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are world’s noisiest and it is said that 75% of traffic police personnel have permanent hearing problems due to honking.

Constant honking is an issue and by moral talking or issuing fines for those who honk does not work sometimes. It was thought that it’s high time that the issue must be addressed in different angle.

For this a device was made that could record car horns and records the number of times a person horns. Rewards were announced for those who honk less. It must be noted that in just 3 months 43% drop in honking was registered.
It was also planned that all Maruthi Suzuki cars would be fitted with the device. Finally the message is very clear ‘’No more Po Po’’. Have a nice journey!!

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