#Noseblind to Home odours? Use Ambi Pur Plug Ins. Simple!

#Noseblind to Home odours Use Ambi Pur Plug Ins. Simple!. Simple!

Some advertisements get their message across in a round-about manner while some attack the root directly. The Ambi Pur Television commercial is one that falls in the latter category. This latest commercial about Ambi Pur Plug Ins gets straight to the point without beating around the bush.

The model Sarah gets inside her nice little home along with her dog Jack and a crisp voice-over tells us that Sarah has become used to Jack’s smell in the house and has become Noseblind. A unique term has been coined to tell us that we become so used to the smells in our homes that we fail to understand that people who visit our homes may find these smells repulsive. It is time to switch-over to Ambi Pur Plug ins which need to be inserted in an electrical socket and works wonders towards removing odours from our home. It is effective for 90 days.

The straightforward and direct manner of telling us the problem and also the solution is a great thing and the ad makers have surely done a fantastic job in this short and crisp TVC of Ambi Pur Plug Ins.

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