Now there is Penalty for Urinating in open and Spitting in Government Offices

Now there is Penalty for Urinating in open and Spitting in Government Offices

It is often said that old habits die hard. Most of us have certain habit and find it difficult to leave it. Some persons have this bad habit of urinating in the open while others have this habit of spitting. Now a new rule has come where urinating in the open and spitting in the government offices would result in spending some amount as penalty.

The Standard Operating Procedure or SOP issued by the Centre for clean, hygienic and healthy environment for Swachh Bharat Mission has been the talking point. It is also said that the non collection of construction as well as demolition waste by the contractors would result in the shelling of penalty amount. The main objective of this new rule is to have complete sanitation in the government offices. Now each and every department is required to form sanitation committee under general secretary. The authority has got the power to impose penalty on those who urinate in the public, spitting and littering.

It must be noted that the central government departments must carry self assessment and ratings for the buildings and efforts must be taken to remove stains caused by spitting of pawns. It must be noted that Indian PM Modi started this Swachh Bharat Mission in 2014 October to make India clean by 2nd of October 2019.
As per the SOP now all governments departments have been asked to ensure collection of wastes, rubbish etc both inside and outside and dispose as per the set frequency. To improve the present cleanliness levels in the government offices present in India the SOP must be followed. Great news!!

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