Nungshi Malik & Tashi Malik: Power Twins who are doing more than climbing mountains

Nungshi Malik and Tashi Malik

Pair of twin sisters from Haryana state is conquering great heights worldwide. Meet Nungshi Malik and Tashi Malik, are 24 years of age, and natives of Haryana state. The two girls are doing amazing things, climbing tallest mountain peaks across seven continents and creating records and earning recognition for themselves and the country.

Scaling Heights

The record-breaking duo is the youngest amongst the 33 individuals who have completed the renowned Adventurer’s Grand Slam. The competition sees participants climb tallest mountain-tops in seven continents, and peaking South and North Pole respectively. The sisters started off their summits-rendezvous at Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest in Africa –standing at 19,341 feet. Their climb-conquest concluded at Antarctica’s Mount Vinson – 16,050 feet tall. Of course, the sisters did make an appearance atop world’s tallest Mount Everest in Asia. The sisters have managed to become record-holders after they accomplished their journey in just two years and a month.

Nungshi Malik and Tashi Malik

One Step at a Time

Reaching top mountains’ peaks in no easy endeavor to undertake. The two sisters were instrumental in keeping each other’s focus in place. Says Nungshi, “We kept telling to each other, just focus on where you’re going next, just keep doing that on step-one step and that will become momentum.”

Big Dreamers

The Malik-sisters are epitome of dreaming big and overcoming great challenges. Their mountain-climbing whirlwind happened without any financial backing from the Government. The sisters, however display no shortage in their gratitude to the NRIs and Ex-Army officers that came forward to encourage and fund their cause.

Support at Home

The twosome was able to achieve their big dreams all thanks to the never-ending support which they received from their parents. Nungshi recalls their foray into mountaineering, “We finished school in 2009 and our father, army personnel, sent out our applications for a basic course at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering at Uttarkashi.” The girls never reckoned that mountaineering could be pursued professionally. Once the girls got into the thick of things, it became apparent what they wanted to do. And there was no looking back since.

Nungshi Malik and Tashi Malik

For A Better World

The Malik-sisters want to use their mountaineering expertise to reach out and make the world a better place. They have registered their participation in the U.S. Department of State Global Sports Mentoring program – which is a collaborated effort between the US State Government, University of Tennessee, and espnW. The program offers a unique opportunity for young women world-over to work with US Sports properties and consumer entities. 

Foray into Entrepreneurship

Through their participation in the GSMP, the girls want to learn and develop their marketing skills. Also they want to learn the ropes of fundraising and sports management, which would help them, run their NungshiTashi Foundation, wherein they aim to utilize their learning’s and create opportunities for other young women.

Nungshi Malik and Tashi Malik

A Powerful Message

The Malik twins have sent out a powerful message to the womenfolk in our country that no dream or challenge is too big to be conquered and celebrated.

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