Omg!! Harappa like surfaces now present in Tamil Nadu

Omg!! Harappa like surfaces now present in Tamil Nadu
Pic: TOI

The news that Harappa like site surfaces are present at Pullisanthai Thidal in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu has caught the attention of many now. It is now said that structure after structure surfacing from under the soil has aroused lots of curiosity there.

Now the latest news that would surprise many is the settlement at the Keeladi village could even be as large as the ones in Harappa and Mohenjodaro. Remarkable isn’t it!!

It is known that Archaeological Survey of India has undertaken the second phase of work. It must be noted that in 2013-14 excavation works on Vaigai riverbed was carried out by excavation branch 6 in Bangalore. Many amazing antiquities, iron implements, earthern ware were found in the first phase of exploration in 2015 is known to all. One interesting piece of information is pot shreds of Arretine of 3BC showed that foreign trade was present in this region.

The interesting findings during excavation done in phase one made the ASI to carry out second phase of excavation in this Keeladi village. It is now said that the present works o excavation would go on till the month of September.

Amarnath Ramakrishna superintending archaeologist was in awe of this excavation works and said that the structure after structure found now amazes everybody and huge urban settlement of independent civilization on the river banks of Vaigai is possible. Great!!

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