Omg!! Newborn babies are thrown from the roof of an ancient mosque in a 700year old festival in India and it is really shocking to see


Solapur is located in the state of Maharashtra and has got people who speak both Marathi as well as Kannada. Its land area is vast and Solapur ranks fourth in the list of largest districts in Maharashtra.

This Solapur has caught the attention of many all over with a weird festival. It is really shocking to note that in Solapur new born babies are thrown from the roof of an old mosque and they are caught below by means of sheets.
It must be noted that this is a ritual that has been going on for nearly 700 years and every year Muslims throw the babies and the babies are caught by sheet at 50 feet down.

It is now brought out that throwing the infants down would bring happiness and prosperity for the families. It is shocking that men clad in Muslim uniforms carry the babies to the edge of the balcony and chanting also going on simultaneously.
It is said that a sheet below would catch these throw infants and the sheet is held by ten men.

The newborn babies are also in the state of shock when they get thrown from the roof of the mosque. The babies later are handed over to the public watching this ritual. Another point that has come out now is this ritual is carried only in these parts only and not in other areas.

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