Omg!! This 20 year old Lingaraju from Vijayapura had 12 snakebites till now but he survived and is really amazing

Representational Pic:

This is sensational and rare news that is now making huge noise. Vijayapura in Karnataka has now become a famous place for a person named Lingaraju. What is special about this 20 year old Lingaraju from Vijayapura is he was bitten by poisonous snakes four times in the last month but he survived and this had surprised many.

It was really shocking and surprising to note that he was bitten by a snake five years back in Solapur and later he was bitten seven more times. It is now confirmed that he was given medication for a period of six months by his caring parents. It is now brought out that the cost of his medication was nearly Rs 40,000 and as a result of the lack of money the family of Lingaraju decided to go to Vijayapura.

The important point to be noted here is the parents first were of the view that a curse was responsible for the snake bite in Solapur. It is now said that even after shifting to Vijayapura this Lingaraju was bitten four times in the last one month.

According to an Ayurvedic doctor Somsekhar Lingaraju living even after been bitten by snakes so many times is nothing sort of sensation and a miracle as many others would not be able to survive so many snake bites. This amazing Lingaraju living after so many snake bites have caused great curiousity in the doctors but they were not able to give a reason how he was able to live even with many snake bites. Amazing Lingaraju!!

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