Omg!! This documentary on the extent of human impact on the planet Earth by NASA teaches many and is shocking


It is well known that human population is growing day by day and has now reached 7.4 billion as on March 2016 statistics. The news that has sent shock waves all over is United Nations or UN has estimated that this ever growing human population would rise to unimaginable 11.2 billion by the year 2100.

The over population has not any good but has caused many ill effects like consuming space in huge ratios plus spreading more debris than before. It is now clear that humans are involved in many activities that are responsible for deforestation, pollution plus others like soil erosion etc.

In this juncture a documentary from NASA has shown how humans are destroying our planet Earth. It was in the year 1984 Marsha Ivins was selected by NASA for the first time and the interesting point of information about him was he spent 1300 hours in space as astronaut and caught the attention of many all over. Born in the year 1951 in Baltimore in USA this Marsha Ivins was a well qualified person and has a degree in the field of aerospace engineering from the renowned University of Colarado.

It was in 1980 she was given the post of flight engineer. This Masha Ivins documentary titled ‘’ A Beautiful Planet’’ is all about planet Earth and its footage taken from International Space Station. This documentary throws light on human footprints as well as the huge impression of these on Earth.Checking the emission from Carbon and pollution from industries have been implemented by many nations to fight this issue and it is now said that each and every one of u can contribute towards this issue.

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