OMG!!This car named Flux Capacitor travels faster than Lamborghini

OMG!!This car named Flux Capacitor travels faster than Lamborghini

Everyone likes to travel in a car and few of us like to travel very fast in car. The great news is there is a car now that can move at speeds greater than the Lamborghini Aventador, Nissan etc. Amazing isn’t it!!

It is now very clear that this 42 year old Flux Capacitor is based on old Enfield 8000 and at the beginning it was a simple two seated electric car. This car has got 6 kw motor and lead-acid batteries. It is said that it can go at speeds of 77kmph and is amazing. The interesting piece of news about this car is only 120 cars of this type were made and they were used by local electricity board for research purposes.

Television presenter and motor journalist Johny Smith is the owner of this car and flood water had damaged this car. It is great to know that fibre glass body was rebuilt and under this body 188 lithium-ion battery cells are located and these cells are capable of generating 2000 amps of current.

This coupled with 9 inch motor is just sensational combination and is spoken highly. This Flux Capacitor of Johny Smith is now regarded as the fastest car in the world and could reach the top speed of 195 kmph. He also revealed why his car was given this type of name as in the 1970’s every custom and race car had name. This car is from the past and could travel at great speeds and hence the name. Superb!!

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