Amit Jain, Car Dekho


Amit jain and Anurag jain are two brothers from Jaipur. Amit has always been a bright student and a passed out from IIT Delhi. He worked for eight years with Corporate which gave him a good hand on experience. His brother Anurag also followed his path and went on to become an engineer.

Amit also had an international exposure with the firm Trilogy, which helped him to understand the operations better and his love for products grew. He always had a dream of running his own business which grew as he worked with Trilogy in US. Succumbing to family expectations both the brothers came back to Jaipur and joined their family business of jewellery. They tried to launch their store online but in vain.


Later, they thought they should do something they are good at and that is how the concept of GirnarSoft came into being. It is an IT outsourcing company started by the tow brothers. They had to struggle a lot to grab the initial few projects. They listed out the prospective clients and got in touch but did not receive any positive responses.

They bagged their first project for just 50,000 bucks which was not they had expected when they started out. Slowly and steadily they sailed out on this new journey to hire their first employee in 2007 and now the current employee strength is a whopping 600 employees. They soon had Cardekho in their mind after visiting Autoexpo.

They approached TATA’s soon to get listed on their portal but TATA refused. Still, there was a win-win situation as TATA agreed to guide them for an hour every month. Having TATA as their mentor was all they needed. The company is growing very fast and they have offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Gurgaon.

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