‘Pamban Railway Bridge’: 5 Facts about India’s first sea bridge

Facts about Pamban Railway Bridge-1

India is endowed with architectural marvels in abundance. Every nook and corner of this country has structures that can make you stare at them with awe and say ‘Wow!’ One such engineering masterpiece is the Pamban railway bridge in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. What’s its USP you ask? Besides the awe-inspiring measurements and formidable construction, the Pamban railway bridge is a sight to behold because it provides connectivity between the Rameswaram Island and the mainland.

In the History Books

The original purpose of the bridge getting built was to establish a trade-route to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka.) The planning for the project commenced in 1870’s by the British authorities. However, the construction began in 1911, reaching completion in 1914.

Standing tall and Wide

The bridge stands afoot with support of 143 piers, stretching out 2 kilometers. In the record books, the Pamban bridge ranks second after the Bandra-Worli sea link in Mumbai, which measures 2.3 kilometers.

Facts about Pamban Railway Bridge-1

Daunting Existence

Another reason which makes the Pamban Bridge extraordinary is the fact that it stands in a location which is believed to have the world’s second most corrosive environment after Mexico.

100 years old

It’s not every day you get to hear news about a rail-bridge turn 100.The Pamban Bridge has a historic aura attached to it. The bridge turned 100 years old in February last year.  As the first of its kind in the country, the authorities of the Madurai Railway Division had deservedly hosted a series of special programmes to commemorate the special occasion.

Facts about Pamban Railway Bridge-1

Costs Invested

Plans were in works to build a rail-bridge that would be connecting Mandapam to Pamban and Danushkodi to Thalaimannar. The cost-estimate proposed was Rs. 299 lakhs at that time. The British felt the costs were too high and so the plan was dismissed. But an approval was given was building the Pamban Bridge which cost Rs. 70 lakhs.

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