Paper Boat Hope the boad – a Journey of your Dreams and a Dream of your Journey


Manzil mil hee jaayegi, Bhatakte hue hee sahi, this animated video of a Paper boat reminds us of this famous quote. Everyone has a journey and reaching the destination is the aim but what carries you is the dream you have dreamt of and this what exactly Paper Boat shows you-Keep your dreams with you.

Paper Boat, it’s difficult to guess by the name as what it’s about but keeping not much intrigued, Paper Boat are soft drinks and they have made an animated feature on the product, a feature that tells you that nothing is lost, its travelling and its travelling up to you and this is well shown in the animated feature. This is how the story goes like.

There was a cruise as the Great Indian Cruise which has been measuring long distances somewhere in mid of an ocean and then there is small kid who in his dreams has that Great Indian Cruise. One evening when he was imaging the cruise, a paper from nowhere flew up to him and all of a sudden an idea struck him. He made a boat out of the paper and named it as My Great Cruise and he make it float on lake side which then float ahead and the paper boat emerges a smile that seems to be happy in his place but happens next was unbelievable.

The paper boat was obstructed by a stone and the way got changed. It floated in the opposite direction and the way led to large banner of Great Indian Cruise, smile comes back but not for a long time. That banner happened to be just a promotion on some bus. The boat floated and feared by a rat and rescued by a dog. When things seem to be happy again, a storm came and the paper boat flew and landed into a sever which was merged with the sea.

The paper boat on one side was sad that he can’t meet the destination to the cruise and on the other, when it came out, it happened to be large ocean where the cruise was travelling and to the boat’s surprise, there were other paper boats too floating towards the cruise, the paper boat joined the row and the small boy comes out to be the sailor.

Well! The story apart from promotion has taught us about our dream goal and we should not give up on it, not on any condition.

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