Parvinder Chawla – a woman with positive outlook travels across the world alone in her wheelchair


Everyone has the habit of skipping our daily routines due to tiredness or laziness. We also say some abstract excuses for such acts. Parvinder Chawla, now in her late 40’s coming around in wheelchair does not take everything easy and stays back. She overpowers her disability with her positive outlook.

The Punjabi Mumbaikar was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when she was 15 years old. She could not do the normal activities what all child of her age used to do.  She was very active at sports and a certified Kathak dancer. Her disease put a full stop to all such activities. But, she says, the spirit of liveliness is still alive in her. That had made her live the long way and makes her travel around the world alone in a wheelchair.

After facing all odds initially, it was extremely difficult for Parvinder to cope up with her disability. She was restricted to bed due to severe pain and exasperation.  She became isolated and uncomfortable. But time healed her in a best way. She wished to move around, be free, be self-dependent and travel the world. All her family members and friends gave encouragement to her. She decided to travel all over the world in her wheelchair. Since then, Parvinder has travelled extensively across India and the world.


Since then, the solo traveller has traveled across 11 countries, including the USA, UK, Jakarta, Bali, among other places.

Parvinder’s father had been her biggest inspiration. He taught her to be confident and self-dependent. That made her to take her first solo trip to London, 14 years ago. She says, “My faith in God and the people I come across boosts my confidence. It stirs me aspiring for more.”

She used to plan to places where she had friends or family members. Before setting out for London, she connected with a couple on the Internet who helped her explore the city.

When asked to her how she manages the trips, she said while travelling in India, she had to always think twice and be sure of the place she choose to go. She faces difficulty in some places where the accessibility for the physically challenged people like ramps and lifts are missing.

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