Paul Allen – He is the one who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates


Everyone has heard of Bill Gates, the Microsoft man who has developed many of operating systems and Microsoft office programs and Bill Gates is the famous one but it was not only Bill Gates who founded the Microsoft. There was another man who in a much similar or parallel track was running with Bill Gates and he along with Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft. We are talking about Paul Allen. Paul Allen and Bill Gates together co-founded Microsoft. With a passion for computers and programming’s and all, Paul led to the foundation. Originally it was founded to develop and sell basic interpreters but it rose high and till now has developed many of windows programs.

Here’s his life story.

Early life and education

Paul Allen was born in Seattle and studied at a lakeside school. From an early age, Paul had discovered his passion for computers. On completion of school studies, Paul enrolled at Washington State University but soon he dropped the idea of continuing with studies and began programming in Basic.

Early start

Paul along with Bill Gates purchased an Intel 8008 chip to upgrade computers so that it could read the raw data from traffic counters and then convert it into a ready-to-use sheet for traffic engineers. Later, Allen along with Gates moved with the first company, Traf-O-Data.

The making

During their work at Traf-O-Data, Allen and Gates learnt how to develop software for computer hardware and the experience and experiments helped them in writing Altair BASIC and this paved the way to founding Microsoft.

The rise

Allen got hold of a big contract from IBM by promising to give them a DOS software. But Microsoft had not designed such a complicated software yet so Allen went on to make the most profitable move that Microsoft has ever made. He went ahead in buying a software called QDOS and the software was re-invented to MS-DOS and with this the era of revolutionized computing came leading to the rise of Microsoft.

Allen’s tragedy

Allen soon received the royalty on every PC and became millionaire but tragedy struck Allen when he was diagnosed with a cancer and it was good for him that he recovered only after months of radiation therapy. But after his disease had recovered he began to distance himself from Microsoft and decided to try his hand at new innovations and research.

Other ventures

Instead of returning to Microsoft, he established another software developing company called Asymetrix Learning Systems Inc. Paul is also the chairman of private asset management company named Vulcan Inc. Apart from this Allen has invested in diverse sectors including real estate holdings, media, technology, and content companies.

Overseas business

The internet has enabled him to have a great life style. Now he is expanding his business through overseas manufacturing arrangements and he is going to be doing a lot more internet marketing
and email marketing.


Growing up in Seattle, Paul was surrounded by the Pacific Northwest’s culture of art, music and learning. His business and financial success enabled him to make a lifelong commitment to give back to the community that educated and inspired him. He started a Paul Allen family Foundation with a focus on music, art, youth and education.

The Bottom line

His business acumen has been the key behind his immense success as an entrepreneur. His strategic investments have made Microsoft what it is today. From dropping out of college to start a own company he has journeyed to become one of the most respected business advisors on the planet.

Successful execution

He will always be remembered for his successful execution of high-risk strategies which has helped him create billions of dollars in profit for his company.

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