Paul O’ Connell – This former rugby union player from Ireland gave inspirational speech before six nations test versus France and is superb


Paul O’ Connell was born in the year 1979 in Ireland and was a popular rugby union player with superb fan following. It is superb to note that this Paul O Connell is the country if Ireland’s third most capped player ever with 108.

This Paul O’ Connell was simply outstanding and he had captained Munster, Ireland plus British and Irish lions and was spoken greatly by many. The interesting point to be noted here is this Paul Connell has started to play the game of rugby only when he was 16 years of age and before that he showed great interest in swimming.

It is known that players playing this rugby game are physically strong because they put their bodies on the line. It is now said that Paul O Connell motivational speech also made the rugby players mentally strong.

It is important to note that the speech was given by him during Irelands six nation test versus France and though it did not get the desired effects as expected but still Paul was appreciated for rallying his team mates together. It is now brought out that his words ‘’put the fear of god’’ in their opponents was superb. Awesome Paul O’ Connell!

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