Perfint Healthcare- Manufacturers of robotic device that detects and removes cancers

Perfint Healthcare- Manufacturers of robotic device that detects and removes cancers

This Perfint Healthcare company launched by Nandakumar,Guruswamy and Pugazhendhi has been doing superbly. In the year 2005 they launched R& D servicing firm in medical diagnostics field. It must be noted that this firm helps companies make surgical machines that give solutions in treatment of painful cancer based operations. It is now confirmed that AccelPartners provided them with funds and after that the machines were made by this Perfint Healthcare itself. This has now led to first robot based navigation solution that is used in the treatment of painful cancer operations.

Maxio is the name given to this robot device which is involved in the creation of patient specific treatment plan and guides the physician for minimal invasive interventional treatment of many tumours present in the patient. In this needle manipulations and others like pain, exposure to the radiations etc are minimized. It is well known that the three co-founders were involved in design and product teams of GE and this experience came in handy in their new venture.

The amazing piece of information is this Perfint Healthcare has sold more than 100 devices across the globe and nearly 10,000 surgeries were done. It must be noted that this Perfint Healthcare would see profits in this year itself. The superb news now is this Perfint Healthcare now wants to be one of top five in the robot based cancer therapy soon. Good Luck!!

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