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Stepping Forward to Help their Education

P&G Shiksha is the signature CSR program of P&G India and till date has built and supported over 330 schools across the country that will impact the lives of over 600,000 children, in partnership with a number of NGOs like – Round Table India, Save the Children, Army Wives Welfare Association, Navy Wives Welfare Association, amongst others. We along with our NGO partners focus on enabling education for underprivileged children via catering to multiple aspects of education including :

  1. Constructing educational infrastructure
  2. Providing girl child education
  3. Serving the needs of physically challenged children.

Shiksha began with P&G India’s research which revealed education as the one cause that consumers are most concerned about and are looking for a simple way to contribute to. With this insight and founded on P&G’s purpose, Shiksha was launched in 2005 to enable consumers to contribute towards the cause of education of under-privileged children through simple brand choices.

Shiksha aims to build the educational future of India ‘Brick – by – Brick’ by addressing the need for better educational infrastructure and building the tangible asset of schools. Shiksha’s interventions span across health and hygiene facilities at schools such as clean drinking water and separate toilets for boys and girls, advanced educational aids such as libraries and computer centres, as well as basic infrastructure needs such as classrooms.

Source & P&G Shiksha Website

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