Phiona Mutesi-This Uganda born comes from Katwe slums and is now a superb chess player inspiring many


Uganda born chess player Phiona Mutesi was born in the year 1966 and it was in the slum of Katwe she was brought up. It is sad to note that Phiona Mutesi lost her dad when she was very young and later she also lost her sister Juliet.

Sports Outreach Institute must feel proud that Phiona Mutesi was its student and learnt the nuances in the game of chess here. The interesting point to be noted is this Phiona Mutesi did not know anything about this chess game in her initial stages of life and thought that it was gambling game played by the rich people. Phiona spoke about how her life was tough at the slums of Katwe. In the slums getting food and water was difficult for the people there.

It is now confirmed by the World Bank that nearly 20% of the population in Uganda is living in poverty and 68% of kids get dropped out of the schools. It was in 2005 her meeting with Robert Katende changed her life at the chess academy. She felt happy regarding that and said it changed her focus totally. Phiona Mutesi was highly talented is known by the fact that she won over many chess players at the academy.

The year 2009 was memorable for this chess player Phiona Mutesi because on that year she won the Uganda junior women championship in Sudan and surprised many with her sensational moves on the chess board. She became very popular after winning many chess competitions in Africa, Russia etc. Amazing Phiona Mutesi!!

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