Phool Kumari- This woman from Bihar has mortaged her mangalsutra to build toilet

Phool Kumari- This woman from Bihar has mortaged her mangalsutra to build toilet
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Barahkanna village on Bihar is now in the limelight.The reason for that is a woman named Phool Kumari has done an amazing thing that has surprised many there.

It is said that she had mortaged her mangalsutra to build a toilet in her house in Barahkanna village. It is certain that this effort by her would be opposed by many. In her case also what she had done had angered her family members.

This woman who worked as a cook in a local primary school was not able to raise the mush needed money to build toilet in her house. Her husband earnings as farm labourer is also very poor. So she took this step of mortaging her mangalsutra which is considered as very precious for a married woman.

Animesh Kumar who is district magistrate expressed his thoughts and said he and other district administration personas could take part in the inauguration of the building work of toilet in Phool Kumari’s house and her husband as well as her father in law would also be there. It is now said that the toilet would be constructed within the days of time. The good news is this Phool Kumari was made brand ambassador of the total sanitation programme.

This proves that a woman could go to any extent build toilet which is very important for any house so that many health and environmental issues could be prevented. Superb Phool Kumari!!

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