Pillars of Modi Government & their Qualities

Modi Government in India will complete its two years soon in May this year. These two years have not been so easy for the hardworking Prime Minister of India. He has not only been let down by opposition & media but his own party men also.

Still the only reason Mr. Modi is determined to put India on growth path is his powerful cabinet which has some great minds. Let’s have a look at who are those pillars in Modi Government (not from political power point of view but from intellectual point of view).

Nitin Gadkari

Master in building road and infrastructure. Sound technical knowledge & business skills.

Pillars of Modi Government - Nitin Gadkari

Arun Jaitley

Master on legal matters. Have deep understanding about the issues.

Pillars of Modi Government - arun jaitley

Manohar Parrikar

Simple, honest, hardworking, intelligent. Tough task master.

Pillars of Modi Government - manohar parrikar

Nirmala Sitharaman

Hardworking, knowledgeable, focused, simple and taskmaster.

Pillars of Modi Government - nirmala sitharaman

Sushma Swaraj

Grip on politics, international matters, hardworking and thorough politician.

Pillars of Modi Government - sushma swaraj

Rajnath Singh

One of the solider of the party. Grip on party matters. Cool most of the time until media irritates him.

Pillars of Modi Government - rajnath singh

Piyush Goyal

Thorough administrator. Give him targets and he will achieve it.

Pillars of Modi Government - piyush goyal

Kiren Rijiju

Following right footsteps. Great future ahead. Hope for North east.

Pillars of Modi Government - kiren rijiju

Ravi Shankar Prasad

Smart, intelligent, great understanding of law, sharp and experienced politician.

Pillars of Modi Government - ravi shankar prasad

Suresh Prabhu

Cool, hardworking, all eyes on him for reforms in railways, less politician more gentleman.

Pillars of Modi Government - suresh prabhu

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