Pink Hindi Movie is a Must watch and gives many Life Lessons to Men, Women and Our Society as a whole


If a woman says no, she says no. All men have to understand that.

As a society people should help needy like lawyer Deepak Sehgal and flat owner Kasturilal did.

This is fact that police work more for powerful and rich than poor and common people.

A girl has all rights to decide what she wants to do in her life. Men can’t judge her with things she does.

There’s nothing wrong if a woman have sex with many people as long as she does it willingly.

Society can’t have double standards. People want to see things different at their home v/s what they look in the society.

In order to win a case in the court you need a good lawyer especially when you don’t have solid proof to prove your innocence.

Parents do ask many questions to a girl child. They should start doing the same thing to keep boy child in control too.

If there are bad people in society like Rajveer Singh & his friends, then there are good people also like Lawyer Deepak Sehgal, Kasturilal and others.

Though it’s difficult but always fight for truth.

When you are in trouble make sure you take all precautions.

If you try to manipulate things you will be exposed like what happened with cop Sarla Premchand.

People have financial problems but that doesn’t mean they do bad things.

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