Piyush Goyal: Murderer’s son lives in jail, cracks JEE

Piyush Goyal Murderer's son lives in jail, cracks JEE
Pic: india.com

Piyush Goyal, is a convict’s son, who has done the extraordinary !.Yes , he has secured 453rd  rank in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) by studying in open Jail in an 8×8 feet cell at Kota.

His father could not afford high coaching or hostel fees fulfill his son’s IIT dreams. He only worked as medical store helper. Open jail rules permits family members to stay with the convict and also to go out and earn a living . Though it was against his fathers wishes, Piyush shifted to the jail in July 2014.The jail had strict rules where the lights would be off by 11 pm.His father would never enter the cell , else he might disturb his son.Piyush was determined and managed to study despite such adverse circumstances.

Today, Piyush is overjoyed with his success in scoring the rank.His aim is to provide a better life to his father.He feels that this was possible only because the jail administration co-operated. The guards used to encourage him as well.Because of Piyush’s success the administration is now keen to increase facilities for inmates, in open jails.

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