Pooja Chandrashekhar Cracked The Unique 14/14 In Admissions

Pooja Chandrashekhar

1) Pooja Chandrashekhar of Virginia has cracked the unique 14/14 in the admissions season to the US grad schools this year

2) Where admission offer from even one ivy league school is considered to be a big deal, apart from the 8 ivy league schools, she is being welcomed by 8 other premiere institutions of the States

3) She has call letters from Harvard, Yale, MIT, Duke, Stanford, Princeton and Georgia Tech to name a few

4) At an age of 17 she scored a 2390 out of 2400 in SAT, a GPA of 4.57 and aced all 13 of her advance placement exam

5) She found a national non-profit organization that engages middle-school girls in science, technology, engineering and math programs

6) She built a windmill to explore the aspects of renewable energy

7) She also developed a mobile app that analyzes speech patterns and predicts with 96% accuracy if a person has Parkinson’s disease

8) According to the principal of the school she graduated from, “She is a science, technology, engineering and math superwoman”

9) Pooja feels that she has a long way to go and her success story has just begun

10) She is a normal kid who enjoys Shark Tank, eating out and listening to Bollywood music

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