Pooja Kushwaha- This 18 year old girl teaches Quran to many Muslim kids in UP and is highly inspiring

Pic: thequint.com

These days there are many communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims all over and they had created deep wounds in the hearts of the people. In this aspect what a girl is doing would bring cheers on the faces of many Hindus as well as Muslims.

An 18 year old girl named Pooja Kushwaha has caught many people’s attention now. It is surprising for many in western Uttar Pradesh as this Pooha Kushwaha takes Quran classes for many Muslim kids. It is now confirmed that around 35 Muslim children are now learning Quran from this Pooja Kushwaha daily and this has made her family proud. Though she is studying in class twelve her authority over Arabic language has taken many by surprise.

The teachings of this humble girl had made many Muslim families feel happy and Reshma Beghum who is the mother of five year old Alisha speaks greatly of this Pooja Kushwaha now. According to Reshma the teaching work of Pooja is marvellous as she is very young. Reshma also spoke about her delight in having Pooja as a teacher for her kid. Religion must not come in the way of teaching and what Pooja is doing is superb.

It must be noted that few years back there was a woman named Sangeeta Begum in her locality who was from both communities of Hindu and Muslims and she taught Quran to many kids. It was in that class held by Sangeeta this Pooja learnt Quran. When Sangeeta could not continue the classes Pooja took Quran classes and surprised many there. Superb!!

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