Poornima P Kundapur , a 6 year old’s mother has an inspirational story to tell


Poornima P Kundapur was a ‘happy to be mother’ when Ishaani was born to her. The baby however showed late movement as the little girl started crawling after she was an year old. The baby soon developed a squint in her eye, which started bothering Mrs. Poornima as nothing clear was diagnosed as problem in the baby. The mother tried to search evey possible source to help her daughter, but she ended in vain. Soon after an MRI was conducted it was found she was going through development delay.

In particular it was found, she was going through ‘Degenerative Neuro-Regression’ which otherwise remain undiagnosed in many cases. The mother was so concerned about her child that she carried the reports forward to India’s best hospitals like AIMS in Delhi and often enquired doctors across border in USA.

Mrs. Poornima was pursuing her doctorate when her daughter was going through all these circumstances. The allowed time period for this was four and a half years, so she pursued it in the lapse of same time period. She says she does not like making excuses and delaying her work. She considers her daughter, son and family as an inspiration for her.

The woman is unique as she considers her 6 year old daughter Ishaani as an inspiration for her. She says she is a fighter. Mrs. Poornima has given a new definition to being a mother as she is earning well to take care of her not so fortunate child. She has given her a new life. She
is really the perfect wife, mother and a lady to pursue her dreams. She is a motivational icon for every parent on this earth.

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