Port city of Vishakapatnam to have Microsoft’s Centre of Excellence

Representational Picture
Representational Picture

Microsoft is a well known name in the Information Technology field. Its headquarters is located in Richmond, Washington, USA. Microsoft had reached top position in the field of computer software, consumer electronics etc through its amazing services all over . This firm was first started by the famous Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the year 1975 and at present boasts of revenue of around 93.58 billion USD. It is well known that India is moving towards digitalization. Now the latest news is Microsoft would soon be setting up its Centre of Excellence in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It must be noted that Microsoft also signed an agreement with the government of Andhra Pradesh.

The main purpose of this agreement was the deployment and use of communication technology to provide better services to the citizens of the state. Microsoft’s CEO Mr Satya Nadella promised that his organization would provide full support to the government and would utilize the cloud data for the services of the citizens.

As per the latest reports Mr Satya Nadella agreed to set up Centre of Excellence in Vishakapatnam apart from speaking about his visit to Anantapur next time. The government of AP would involve in utilizing the technical knowledge from Microsoft India and thereby building three proof-of-concept or POC solutions that could play a important role in education, agriculture and services of the e-citizen.

It was said that data gathering, analysis, predictive analysis and policy planning would be put into use and POC solutions would be utilized for specific issues. This would result in better outcome for the state.

Training of certain important government executives by the Microsoft India is also in the agenda. Technologies like cloud, Mobility etc would be imparted to the executives.  Mr Satya Nadella visiting the T-Hub was considered as the highlight of his visit. It is known that this T-Hub is India’s largest technology incubator. Finally it was said that Microsoft would be involved in providing workshop to some major administrative officers so that productivity improvement could be achieved. Great days ahead!!

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