Pradeep- a differently abled man who inspires others by fighting against poverty


In our daily lives we all would have come across many healthy people who have given many reasons for not being successful in their lives. Here a differently abled man named Pradeep has been a source of inspiration for many others to follow him.

It must be noted that this Pradeep could not move his legs ever since he was young. This had not stopped him from helping his family out of poverty. Born in a poor family in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh he could not be like others as he was not able to move his legs. When most of us would have lost our determination this Pradeep was amazing in his attitude.


It is said that his dad made both ends meet by selling an Indian snack named Gol Gappas. As a result Pradeep was also advised by many to help his father in his business of selling this snack. It is said that people did not believe that Pradeep had it in him to become successful in his life. Life was not bed of roses for him as he had to withstand many criticisms and many people demotivated him pointing out his physical problem. Since Pradeep had great interest in studies he carried on continuing his studies.

To the surprise of many he went on to complete diploma from a Kanpur based polytechnic and got job in Delhi. Pradeep was totally shocked when he was told that the Delhi based company was not employing any differently abled persons.

He never gave up in his goal of getting job and even when he was asked to return back to Kanpur by his parents he did not listen to them. It must be noted that the struggle he faced to get job was very high.

It is often said that god will test the patience and endurance of good people but he won’t ditch them at any cost. This became true in Pradeep’s life also. One day his struggles ended and he got placed in a big private concern in Delhi.

The income got from this job has now given him a good position in his life with great self respect. It is said that Pradeep is now able to solve his families poverty based problems all by him. It must be noted that he has two younger brothers and a younger sister and his parents struggled to bring the kids due to finance condition.

Pradeep has shown to all that a person’s greatness is in the thoughts and not in the physical appearance and one who is passionate and dedicated would become successful. Hats off Pradeep!! You are amazing!!

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