Praise Those Who Work in Background – That’s What Rahul Kanwal Did

Rahul Kanwal Kirpal Singh Praise Your co-workers

When a movie is released you only get to know about it’s Actors, Director, Singer, Writer, Producer & Musician only. When a team wins match you think victory belongs to only players of the team. When a company do well, credit is given to Senior Management.

Friends, this is not true. In all above cases there are many more people who contribute in the success of everything. In a film even a spot boy has contribution. In a company even a peon plays a larger role. In a sport, apart from team, there are efforts put in by grounds staff, coaches and so on.

Rahul Kanwal who is Senior Journalist, is in US covering Prime Minister’s visit has shared a picture on Facebook with his Cameraman Kirpal Singh. This is one small way of acknowledging efforts of his colleague. We think doing these small things will make a big impact on the mind of co-worker. Everyone likes praise and want to be acknowledged. Such small efforts are a great source of building sound human trust. Good job Rahul!!

Rahul Kanwal Facebook Post

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