Prasanna Bhendarkar – The man behind Aditya Infotech

Prasanna is a graduate in Computer Science from Nagpur University. He always wanted to do something of his own. But, it was not just merely dreaming to become big; he also had a good expertise in web designing and development.


Luckily, during his time there was a boon in the It sector. He always had been helping many of his clients by developing an easy interface. He also designed plenty of easy to use functional websites for many of his clients. The unique feature about them is that they add the next action of the visitor on to the website and also try and make the website a lot more interactive.

Another interesting feature about Aditya infotech is that they have as their entertainment website. It drives in a lot of traffic where people want to learn about their favorite celebrities or any other news updates. You can check out any latest happenings or biographies of any celebrities here.

Their hard core specialty lies in designing the website for their client. They do everything right from logo designing to promoting the website. Their services include logo designing, SEO, Sending bulk messages, web development, search engine marketing etc. They take care to give a unique product to each of their client based on their needs. They also run a website called Through this website they provide HR services, resume services etc. They are also into web hosting, web marketing and HR service. There is another website of theirs with the address This website provides the needed videos and columns to help students study abroad.

It is important to give the client what they want. Prasanna believes in adopting himself to change in life. He believes that only who adopts and adjusts to changes will survive.

Aditya Infotech: website | twitter | facebook

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