Pravallika Mendem, murders her husband and droves the dead man on a bike for 12 kms


In Hyderabad, a young woman named Pravallika Mendem, 25 drove a dead body on her bike for 12 kms. This dead body was of her husband whom she had murdered !

She was arrested over the weekend.The police mentioned that she killed her husband brutally by banging his head against a wall and kicking him in the groin.Post that she decided to ferry his body.She borrowed a bike from her neighbour and along with her 16-year-old nephew drove across.

On seeing the bike, Nageswara Rao and Mahender, the two beat constables felt something fishy ! The bike had three people and the head of her husband was falling over the shoulders of the boy and his feet were dragging on the ground.

When they tried to stop the two-wheeler, it drove off speedily.They chased them for 2 km and finally caught the offenders.

The interesting part was the woman and her teen nephew claimed that they had picked the dead man, Pullaiah Mendem who was drunk and lying on the roadside. Upon thorough interrogation, they finally confessed that they had killed him.

The couple had recently moved to Hyderabad after apparently being sent away from their village in Kodada, Nalgonda .Her husband worked as an assistant marketing supervisor at Kodada. They were asked to go since Pravallika allegedly was having an affair with the nephew, who is only in tenth class.

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