Preethi Srinivasan: How she defeated her disability?

Preethi Srinivasan How she defeated her disability

The key to success is not sold at any place, however, if people know how to evaluate encountered and given chances, the doors to success will start to open automatically. In the journey of attaining success, confidence is one characteristic that everyone struggles with at one point, but Preeti Srinivasan achieved this by trusting her abilities and being comfortable in her own skin.

Preeti Srinivasan, an inspiring woman who is a successful content writer, runs an NGO Soulfree, an inspirational speaker and a movie buff, was born to make something big out of her life. At the age of 18, on a college trip with her friends to Pondicherry, the impact of the waves on a beach shocked her body resulting into a severe case of paralysis below her neck, caused by a cervical level spinal cord injury.

But before her injury, she was an exceptional performer in academics, a national level swimmer. She was the youngest team member of the Tamil Nadu State Women’s cricket team and was the captain of U-19 TN Cricket team. But life had some other plans for her. Her accident did not break her motivational and winning attitude. Instead of dragging herself into self-pitty, she bounced back in life with all the courage.

She uses computer and Internet with the help of some useful softwares and review movies. She travels to school and colleges to inspire everyone with her awakening speeches. Through her charitable trust, Soulfree, she focuses on providing a life of dignity and purpose to the severely disabled people, especially women and that too with spinal cord injuries. Now, she takes this as a purpose of her life to be an instrument of God. She wants to change the meaning of her own life and others too with disabilities by spreading love, light and hope.

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