Prem Singh Dangi: Where there is a will, there is a way

Prem Singh Dangi Where there is a will, there is a way

Well there is a well assumed fact that social work is meant for those who can afford it. Prem Singh Dangi from Bihar has proved it wrong. Prem singh Dangi from Katuna village in Jamui district of Bihar was born and brought in a farmer family. Prem’s father is a farmer and his mother looks after the house. A family which had a monthly income of 5000 INR could not support prem’s ambition to study. Prem wanted to pursue higher studies and had interest in studying Science, but due to financial constraints, Prem’s teacher advised his parents to discontinue his studies.

Disappointed by the decision, Prem decided that whatever that had happened with him, he will not let it happen with other children in the village. So, he started an initiative in his village Pucho Seekho Jaano, or Ask, Learn and Know (ALAK Education). But, later he faced resistance from his family and Prem’s father advised him to apply for a job or prepare for competitive exams. Prem was then sent to Patna to prepare for his studies.

As there is a well known saying: Where there is a will, there is a way. He continued to empower children through education in slums of Patna. After coming to know about this, Prem’s father asked him to return to the village and he did. He resumed teaching children in the village. He used the community government Bhavan to teach students as he didn’t had any place. When he started, neither he had a blackboard nor a mat. Now after two years, he has 250 students in his school. He teaches students of class 1 to 8 free of cost. With the help of an NGO Saksham, Prem has projector and laptops in his classrooms which have helped children in learning computer. Prem earns 15000 INR by giving coaching to affluent students in the village and invest around 50,000 INR in the school for student needs.

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